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2-1/8 дюйм MEGALODON акула зуб ископаемое рыба юг CAROLINA река чудовище
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Цена товара 4319 руб. 
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Начало продаж (GMT) 27 июля 2020, 20:24
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Местонахождение Charlotte, North Carolina
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Срок доставки 3-4 недели
This is an IMPRESSIVE Carcharocles Megalodon Shark Tooth Fossil from South Carolina! Now available for your collection!

This tooth measures 2-1/8 inches on the long slant. The long slant measurement is from the tip to the longest root corner which is generally accepted as the standard among most collectors.

This tooth has NOT been restored or repaired in any way. It is a 100% authentic fossil in it's natural state 100% GUARANTEED! We do not sell replicas, reproductions or fakes of any kind, ever.

The word Megalodon literally means "Big Tooth." The Megalodon Shark lived mostly during the Miocene and into the Pliocene Epoch around 2 to 10 million years ago. During this time period most of the southeastern United States from Maryland to Florida was under water where these massive sharks would feed on large whales where they would shed lots of teeth in the process. This tooth was found in a river in South Carolina where the ancient marine bays once thrived over what is now dry land. The rivers have carved their way down into these fossil layers exposing awesome fossils like this one! The rivers where these teeth are found are known for poor visibility, if any, as well as strong tidal currents where many SCUBA divers have lost their lives in search of these treasures. Not to mention that there are sharks, stingrays and even alligators living in these rivers acting as guardians of the treasure!

Q: Do you provide a certificate of authenticity?
A: We do not offer certificates of authenticity with any of our fossils because there is no unbiased third party services for fossils as you may be familiar with for man-made items such as coins and sports cards. No 2 fossils are alike or identical so it would be impossible to come up with an accurate or fair grading system. If I provided a certificate it would just be me simply printing it on my computer. Anyone selling any fossils who offers a certificate is simply printing it on their computer. I'm sure this isn't the answer you were hoping for but it is the honest truth. You can take any fossil we sell to your local natural history museum and they will be able to verify it is indeed a fossil. It will depend upon their knowledge of the fossils from different geographical locations as to whether they can verify the location but they absolutely SHOULD be able to verify an authentic fossil. As it stands, I have been collecting fossils for roughly 35 years and I only deal with reputable dealers, divers and collectors. I also have found countless fossils on my own. So with that said, I offer a 100% guarantee that all of my fossils are authentic and are from the stated location. You could even print this Ebay listing description and it would be equally as valuable as any certificate I could make.

Feel free to ask ANY questions!

All items will be packaged very securely for shipment and also includes free shipping with insurance & tracking number.

Thanks for looking and be sure to check out our store to see all sorts of interesting items!
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